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But something kept bothering me throughout my stay.I was in Eastern Europe, but the women didn’t act Eastern European: they didn’t act like the women in the other Eastern European countries like Romania, Ukraine, and Russia. Everything was lining up: I was in Eastern Europe, in a former Soviet Union country; some of these women even spoke Russian, yet they didn’t act Eastern European.Although I had decent success with Tinder, by far, the best success I had when I used a site called Lithuanian Cupid to meet women.In fact, this is the site I wholeheartedly recommend when you’re trying to meet women in Lithuania. Vilnius has only about 500,000 inhabitants; Kaunas has only about 300,000.Vilnius definitely feels more cosmopolitan of the two with its beautiful old town and a nice, modern “new town” part of the city.

While the nightlife isn’t the greatest, I was surprised at how easy it was to meet women online.

Now, whether you consider that as an advantage or a disadvantage is completely up to you.

Lithuanian women aren’t like Russian or Ukrainian women who’re known to go crazy over foreigners (or used).

I finally realized the problem after talking to a Russian guy who had been living in Lithuania for a while.

His impression was that Russian and Ukrainian women are more “gentle” and “feminine.” He had some difficulty describing his experience, but I knew exactly what he was talking about.

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