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"Hey Nigel, Hoagie, Wally, Kuki and Abby what are you guys doing here?" She asked while locking up her bedroom and looked through her purse handing each of them a lollipop.Nigel escorted his sister fully downstairs glaring up at Chad."You better not do anything to my big sister you traitor." He whispered as Y/n hugged him happily."Cree, Maurice this is Chad my newest best friend with you guys.We four are going to be the greatest operatives the kids next door has ever seen, right goldilocks! " He chased after her along with Cree and Maurice right behind them smiling happily. "You were even a leader back then N/n but I think even you beated me was when I got a crush on you and it grew until we finally kissed thanks to Maurice." He said smiling sweetly down at her as they walked into the park while number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 followed them by the shadows."We wanted to see you off to your date N/n." Nigel said as he escorted her down the stairs while both of the Uno children saw Chad talking to their parents, Nigel placed a tiny tracking device on her dress so they could follow her whereabouts while he put the cherry flavored lollipop she gave him into his mouth while Kuki had strawberry kiwifruit, Wally had orange raspberry, Haogie had sour green apple and Abby had blurpleberry.Nigel and Y/n cleared their throats in unison thus gaining their own parents and Chad's attention, Chad's cheeks were down bright red as he wore a deep blue tshirt and his dark blue jeans with his white sneakers along with his new varsity football jacket.

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(sent him a hair dryer) Nationality: British Outfit: He’s bald and wears black sunglasses, a red turtle neck sweater, light brown shorts, socks and brown boots (which have jets on the bottom, activated by him tapping his heals or him pressing a button on the heal). But he has to be, he is after all the leader of Sector V. "Dance with me then, Goldilocks.~" She teased him as he smirked at her as they waltzed on the grass. " He whispered as he span her out then held her close making her blush. After they finished dancing Chad walked her back home and kissed her cheek lightly until she pulled him down in a dip position giggling sweetly then kissed him on the lips until she pulled back fixing her hair and dress as her dad opened up the door."I'll talk to you later Goldilocks, good night and I love you." She said while walking into the house leaving a goofy grinning boyfriend behind as he walked of the porch. Especially my girlfriend." Chad said before calling his dad to pick him up.His mom used to be Numbuh 999 (don’t know her job now) . Things You Need to Know: * He has a girlfriend, Lizzie Divine (well for most of the show *SPOILER* until she dumps him in season 6 in Operation G. he runs around screaming like a little girl, thats when Numbuh 5 steps in to help.

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