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Prior to the Nihon Shoki and the Kojiki, there was no tradition of Shinto sculpture.

Today Shintō remains an extraordinary example of Japan’s penchant for religious syncretism.

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Even today, Shintōism remains unencumbered by religious doctrine and institutionalized belief, and serves more as a popular community-based folk religion featuring popular festivals, group pilgrimages, and special ceremonies to mark key life passages (e.g., birth, 7-5-3, coming of age, marriage).

Shintō is a term created to distinguish itself (the indigenous religion) from Buddhism (an imported philosophy).

The lover of sculpture is therefore advised to plan accordingly.

The main Shintō rites and festivals are for celebrating the New Year, child birth, coming of age, planting and havest, weddings, and groundbreaking ceremonies for new buildings.

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