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Instead of having a nice automatic ‘ticker’, we’re expected to click ‘Refresh’ to get the latest prices. They are data connections to external sources but do NOT appear as Excel Data Connections.

That means you can’t setup an automatic data refresh, as you would with normal data connections.

As it stands, we need workarounds to make it happen.

Here’s some situations where forcing data refresh or recalculation might be necessary or prudent.

The class name is referred to in code later on in this post.

However, Execute is not as easy to use if the action query has parameters such as [Forms].[Form1].[Text0].

Paste the following code (updated on 10-Feb-14, thanks to Andy Pope for pointing out a flaw! Note that if you make changes to the class module you’ll have to run the initialize code again.

): [sourcecode language=”vb”]Option Explicit Dim col Queries As New Collection Sub Initialize Queries() Dim cls Q As cls Query Dim WS As Worksheet Dim QT As Query Table For Each WS In This Workbook.

In the VBE, right-click your project and select Insert step and is probably the most missed step when people re-create class module solutions.

For this example we will rename it (select the class module, press F4) to “cls Query“.

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