Alfa romeo mito speed dating edition

Renaultsport Clio V6Every so often, the mad people of Renault Sport decide to smoke something a little stronger than a Gauloise and let their hair down a little.

The results can be staggering, like sticking a 3.0-litre V6 engine where the rear seats and boot should be.

First came the 1108cc of 1964, which was followed by the more powerful 1255cc in 1966, known as the Gordini 1300.

Thanks to its success on the world rally stage, the R8 ‘Gorde’ laid the foundations for future performance cars from La Régie.

Renault 17 TSThe Renault 15 and 17 arrived in 1971 and were La Régie’s answer to the Ford Capri, launched two years earlier.The “125mph Renault 5 GT Turbo” subhead played to the car’s key strength: outright pace.At its launch, the 5 GT Turbo was 11mph faster than a Golf GTI and 5mph quicker than a Uno Turbo or Astra GTE.Of the two, the 17 was designed to appeal to a younger audience, with the TS model the choice of the enthusiast.It used the engine from the 16 TX to give this Renault 12-based coupe genuine pace.

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