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The couple decided to tie the knot in the presence of very few people.They took the vows on May 15, 2016 in the company of some close friends and their families.Her diet included fruits and boiled vegetables as she needed to look fit.Amrita met her future husband, RJ Anmol for an interview in 2009 regarding a discussion for her film.While we cannot verify the authenticity of this rumor, fans of the actress are more than delighted to hear the news as many people think that Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor make the best and perfect couple ever.According to Bollywood Asterla, a celebrity website targeting all gossips of Bollywood, the two actors are more than good friends and in fact share an amazing chemistry that at times even make Kareena Kapoor jealous.

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Talking to sources before the function, Amrita, whose mother tongue is Konkani, had said that it's a community honour and she feels very humbled with the recognition.Amrita and Anmol had a stable and positive relationship. Recommended Read: 7 Ways In Which Low Self Esteem Destroys Your Relationship This kind of love stories that have a hint of purity and innocence make us want to believe in the power of true love. His name is Vishal Malhotra, and incidentally, he acted with her in her first film, Ken Ghosh's Ishq Vishk, where he played the role of Shahid Kapoor's friend. It is learnt that they have been dating for some time now.Although he has done many films, he hasn't quite made a name of himself and her family wants her to see someone who is at least as successful as her." When asked about his bonding with Amrita, Vishal says, "I won't use the usual cliche that Amrita and I are just good friends. I am not ashamed about my relationship with her but to talk beyond that wouldn't be fair to her. I like the way she handles everything in life." Recently Vishal was seen hosting TV reality show Perfect Bride with Rao (the mentor).I also admit that we are extremely close and she's one of the most special people in my life. We are both in different phases and places in life. "I was doing the show and came again for one episode.

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