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Jim Carrey and Lauren both starred in the comedy movie ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ They met on the set of the movie and fell deeply in love with each other.Lauren was the perfect match in the eyes of Jim which led him to put a ring on her finger.Cathriona White was not Jim’s age mate, yet age could not stop them from having an affair. Cathriona was in her mid-twenties while Jim was about 50 when they started dating.He was heavily criticized for dating someone who was his daughter’s age group but despite all the negative comments made the duo still continued seeing each other.If you want to know about Jim Carrey girlfriend or wife then check this dating profile.Here we will highlight about all the relationships he had in his life.They started dating in December 2005 and ended their relationship five years later. Jim loved the boy with all his heart and despite the fact that he wasn’t married to Evan’s mother Jim still became his step-father.Jim’s relationship with Jenny remained a secret until 2006 when the duo decided to let the world know.

There are not even any rumors linking him to any woman.They started seeing each other in early 2011 but nothing has been heard of the duo since that time.One of the longest relationships Jim ever had was with Jenny Mc Carthy.The couple had a smooth relationship but experienced series of breakups which eventually made things worse.Their relationship started in 2012 and ended in 2015.

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