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fleshed out her seesaw relationship with resident Bad Boy™ Justin Bobby Brescia, Partridge also memorably dated singer Ryan Cabrera (she's clearly got a thing for guys with ~hair~) and even reportedly had a love connection with the underrated but number one Hollywood Chris IMO, Chris Pine.But her most public relationship-which also happened to be her most tumultuous-was her 10-month marriage to Corey Bohan." data-reactid="33"Patridge has experienced her fair share of unscripted real life drama since the show ended back in 2010.

where egos go to die and misguided shots of vodka go to live their best gay life.”RELATED: The Hills Is Coming Back!

Before he was known as Patridge's leading man, Bohan had a thriving career as a professional BMX rider.

The athlete was so talented at motorcross that he had several podium finishes in the X Games-Bohan made X Games history by becoming the first motorcross rider to win the BMX dirt portion of the competition three years in a row.

I will always be honest, I’ve been on reality tv for 11 years straight... I have no interest in being fake, pretending my life is perfect. I love you all & need your support to get thru the struggles- thank you a million times over 🥰 Are you guys enjoying the series?! "I would never go for [Audrina's] ex because I just don't go for a friends ex," she admitted.

“He seems smitten with her,” the second source says. It’s been about a month.”“They seem really happy and it looks like this could turn into something,” the second source as a “New Orleans-themed dive …

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