Baby consolidating naps to one nap

Try delaying it until around eleven o’clock for two or three days.

Then push it until eleven thirty for a few days, then to noon, and so on.

If you are breastfeeding, nap-nursing is a guaranteed sleep inducer for both of you.

The pleasurable ambiance of nursing helps baby drift off to sleep.

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The child will then refuse to sleep in the afternoon (due to the long morning nap), and never make it until bedtime without a melt down.

When the pattern becomes consistent, the time is right to begin the transition.

When you are ready to begin the transition, push your child’s morning nap a little later.

Your baby is likely to sleep longer if you put her down to sleep just before these sleepy signs appear. Pick two times of the day when are the most tired and as close as possible to your baby’s tired times as you learned from the nap chart.

Fifteen to twenty minutes before the usual tired times, rock, nurse, or feed her down for a nap. Curl up in bed with your baby next to you and enjoy napping together.

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