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You may also encounter documents where the signer is acting in a capacity such as trustee, attorney-in-fact for a power of attorney, a corporate officer, or with an AKA; since this capacity is part of the signature line, it's good practice to include it with the signature in the notary certificate. Simply, the signer attests to the document's content; the notary then attests that the signer has satisfied the required elements of notarization. statement directly upon the copy (or an attached page) attesting that it is a true copy of the original document, and affixing his/her signature to the statement.

All conscientious and law-abiding notaries will decline to proceed with a notarial act if asked or pressured to perform a prohibited act.No matter how many times you are asked to backdate documents– supposedly to benefit the borrowers– DO NOT do it. Knowingly putting a different date on a document is fraud and you could go to jail.I have heard of many young notaries who are willing to experiment with backdating. I was asked to do this.’ As a Washington DC notary, I know I am a state official, and I take this seriously.If the document signature is Mary Ellen Smith, then an ID showing only Mary E.Smith is insufficient; however, if the document signature is Mary E. Complete the notary certificate on the document with acknowledgement or jurat form as required, and ensure the certificate wording is substantially compliant with Ohio law.

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