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Stop stealing music and start paying for Spotify (or something comparable) – For the first time since 1999, the music industry reported a growth in sales last year.

For 13 years, Napster, Bearshare, Limewire, Kazaa, Bit Torrent, and the like had record sales on the decline and music industry executives screaming …

It also supports MPEG, MPG, M1V, MP2V and MPE movie files among a few other options. Even Apple’s i Pod can handle the MP3s and non-Windows media that are on the site.

The i Phone and i Pod Touch are not supported though. It also offers a solution to one’s media playback needs.

In all, there are more than fifteen million songs to grab and enjoy.

It features a healthy mix of licensed and unlicensed content.

These mp3s can be identified in a search as ones with green circles next to them.

Older versions of Windows and Mac OS systems are not supported.

Anyone can quickly get the software to obtain favourite media.

First, a user will have to click on the download link.

These include data that can be handled on Windows Media Player.

Bear Share has support for WMV, WM, WMA, WMD, ASF and AVI media files.

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