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In the 1969 Oscar-winning film , the famous outlaws are shown escaping America to a decrepit village in Bolivia.

According to the movie version, they died side by side, guns blazing, in the crosshairs of half a Bolivian regiment.

For six years they managed to elude the most powerful detectives on the planet and outrun their past across the wilds of South America.Tonight it was the Brazilian samba, plus a new style that was just emerging in Argentina, the melancholy tango.Somewhere in the party, mingling with ease and leading the festivities—because this was their house, their life—were three people, each with a ,000 bounty on their head.Hidden, for years, in the tranquil frontiers of Patagonia and the deep forests of the Andes, they started new lives as law-abiding citizens.They roped cattle, built ranches, and spent their ill-gotten gains on glorious living, including tango parties and cabin concerts where a governor—and even lawmen charged with arresting them—were honored guests. But they were hounded for a crime which we now know they did not commit, and the past caught up with them.

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