Bensenhurst dating game

Well I wish I had this wonderful love story to share with you..everytime I thought I got close to being able to share one, life took another twist. Every conversation was fun and I was really getting excited about this guy! We both had a good time and we texted and talked everyday after that. And seriously, like wow in terms of being able to just kick back and laugh and flirt with someone. So I have to keep believing that things happen for a reason and someone better is out there for me. Detroit: We had been talking for a little while and then we finally met up in January, he flew out to come meet me and we spent a nice day in NY together followed by dinner the night after.I've been single for a couple of years and been frightened to get into another relationship. I think the reason for this is because this blog began to become more of a negative place for me. But here is a little bit of what has been going on.Sometimes I felt like we didnt really get each other but I figured let me give it time.

In retrospect, his surgeon "I am God" attitude, combined with his vulgar language, may have been much to handle in the long run.

Both times, we never made it to the front of the line because the tickets sold out.

Either way though, both times turned into really wonderful adventures!

Every now and then he would mention things about us in the future and it was nice. Cause with everyone I meet, there always seems to be one. He mentioned maybe he shouldn't be in a relationship right now because he has some deep issues he needs to deal with.

And then tonight, during another "down" day, he said it again..even his therapist has mentioned to him over the years that he may not be ready for relationships.

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