Bensonhurst dating game joe pesci

— Some pretty funny testimonials from customers here.I especially liked Farley’s emotional delivery of “But who will give me back my tooth?— I’m getting good laughs from Clinton always claiming how “advanced” his state of Arkansas is.— A lot of laughs from Perot’s details of how he would handle Kitty Dukakis’ hypothetical assailant, involving tying him to a stake and using ants to torture him.I wonder if reviewing six straight seasons of Dennis Miller spoiled me and makes me enjoy Kevin’s Updates a little less than I used to.

I also loved Pat’s “You have GOT to be kidding me” response.

”) — Very funny story from Bush about being assaulted by inbred mountain people.

— I liked Tim’s uncalled-for scenario of Kitty Dukakis being raped and murdered.

STARS: *** SINGLE WHITE PERSON androgynous Pat gets an obsessive roommate (MEH) — A very interesting, inspired, and fun change to the usual Pat format, crossing it over with the then-recent movie Single White Female.

— Some good laughs from Joe as the gay roommate, just because it’s Joe Pesci, of all people, playing the role (and he’s absolutely nailing it).

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