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The Sultan Sari and I being his favorites, we went with the Sultan everywhere; with him, we got to see the insides of kingdoms from here to Egypt, each one more fantastic than the next.

But it wasn't until we were back in our native land that the events occurred which I am about to detail, and which were the beginning of the fate which you see me in now.

He was so huge; his male organ was fully as long as my forearm, and much thicker.

"Ratri and the Stallion,"The girl she had indicated came forward, and the slavemen in charge of the animals released one of the Arabian horses.

I remembered that it was thick, the flesh a dark, mottled black, and very, very long....

After letting him do this for a sufficient amount of time, she ended their embrace and walked around to his side, stroking his hide as she went, her fingers tracing their way over his body.

She now wore only her loincloth, her flesh now exposed to our view.

Lifting her arms for him, the stallion began snuffling at her naked breasts, their nipples becoming tipped with desire as his huge, leathery snout brushed back and forth across her nipples, lingering in the space between them, and then delving into her armpits, his nostrils quivering with obvious interest.

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