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A blue-collar criminal, on the other hand, is in a lower strata of society, typically the working class.The crimes committed by a blue-collar criminal are not related to white-collar fields, and include crimes like murder and armed robbery.The term white-collar crime derives from the phrase “white-collar worker.” A white-collar worker is a worker that does professional, clerical, or administrative work.Most “office jobs”, in the general usage of the term, are white-collar jobs.Income tax evasion, for example, will ensure the white-collar criminal has more money at the cost of governments not properly receiving their taxes, but will not cause direct harm to anyone.

The term blue collar crime was originally coined to mean those crimes committed by someone from the working or lower class of society.If you or a loved one has been arrested for committing a crime in or around Marietta, the first thing you need to do is contact a Marietta criminal defense lawyer at the firm.As former prosecutors with over 40 years combined experience, we have a unique insight into criminal defense cases.A white-collar criminal, referring to a criminal who is a white-collar worker, is generally in a higher strata of society.They are in what may be called the middle class or upper-middle class.

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