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However, the considerable number of clay cuneiform tablets became partially baked. Modern historians believe the library may have contained a considerable number of texts written on such mediums as leather scrolls, wax boards, and possibly papyri – all of them vulnerable to fire.

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with compassion and love and appreciation, honesty and this is….

Some of us have been here, for those times and that’s why some of us feel familiar. Each time we do a meditation, it gives it another shot in the arm. So there won't be any “once in a while” “once a month” “once every other day” It will be every day.

We are in an “advanced stage of evolution.” The Human Race, The Planet Earth… So we continually increase, the basically the unending love-power, the compassion-power, the wealth, the abundance, the prosperity, the happiness, the joy. The human race will gladly participate in it and want to be a part of it.

remember, this is saturating everything, penetrating everywhere, filling the atmosphere, filling the surface, covering the surface of the planet…

Im Laufe des Lebens kann es passieren, dass der Knorpel in den Gelenken zu stark abnutzt. Wichtig ist in dem Fall, auf ein schonendes Training zu achten. Wenn etwas Dunkles vorbeischwirrt, kann es sich um eine Fliege handeln. Eine Gelenkprothesen-Operation ist kein einfacher Eingriff. Patienten sollten bei der Wahl der Fachklinik daher darauf achten, dass ausreichend Erfahrung auf dem Gebiet vorhanden ist. Nach jahrelangen Anstrengungen, den mitunter tödlichen Virus auszurotten, haben sich in Europa wieder mehr Menschen an Masern angesteckt.

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