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We will always love you and we miss you more every day. (Click to view)Suzanne Smith, born 26 March 1959, died 21 April 2014 in Amarillo, Texas Our Remembrance Suzanne, You were my dear friend and secret keeper. I love you so much daddy (Click to view)Zachary Taylor Wegener, born 11 June 1990, died 28 July 2012 in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania Our Remembrance In loving memory of U. We don't know why you were taken from us or why so close to my birthday. My life will never be the same, as no one's will. (Click to view)Joshua Williams, born 27 November 1978, died 16 March 2004 in California Our Remembrance A bright college student with a bright future, and SSRI prescribed medication destroyed it all. Many were touched by his life.(Click to view)Jessica Glaze, born 16 January 1988, died 27 April 2013 in Sauk Village, Illinois Our Remembrancethis is my beuatiful daughter who has two beautiful children that miss their mommy and i am here mother she had overcame a very serious mensgitis which dr said she wasnt going to pull through and if so she would not have a life they said so much she wad a very strong girl and showrd them upshe fought for years after her infection left some brain damage and her life was fullfilled to the fullest smart always trying to get approval of her achpalishments she loved her brothers and sisters her cousins and her very close friemds she considered her sisters she is so loved by all she came into she is greatly missed by her family so much we are still in pain and she is not alone her brother jad joined her on 7-17-2014 msy you both my babies rest in peace im forever heartbroken(Click to view)Jaime James Carroll, born 01 January 1968, died 18 January 2017 in California And New York Our Remembrance ALBANY – After traversing the many peaks and valleys of New York State, an area man has wandered back home to his final resting place.I love you so much and miss you."(Click to view)Carl Ray Brennon, born 25 July 1970, died 10 August 2018 in Monroe, Louisiana Our Remembrance Carl Ray You had a silliness about you and you were always willing to lend a helping hand. James John Carroll III, an Adirondack enthusiast and outdoorsman known as “Jamie” to his family, and simply “Jim” to friends, died suddenly early Wednesday morning, January 18, 2017, in Santa Ana, California. A long-time resident of both Ravena and Albany, New York, in a dire need of names, i just cant think of any good ones, so is there any way for people to suggest good names and how do you think them up.

You just have to be careful that the final product isn't easily mispronounced. Who gets spelled out as "$h*thead."Sorry for any typos. im in a dire need of names, i just cant think of any good ones, so is there any way for people to suggest good names and how do you think them up. - Carter - Lawrence - Cole - Isaac - Marcus - Finn - Zach - Curtis - Nicoli - Ben -Drew - Decker - Ann - Bell - Zoey - Joey - Daisy - May - June - Sarah - Lucy - Bella - Cora - Susan - Gwen Don't be afraid of borrowing/appropriating fitting names from other books/movies/etc. Couple vowels, throw in a handful of consonants, mash it up until you find something you like, then promptly write them down and pick it back up the next day. And, as somebody pointed out previously, random name generators are always a bag of giggles. Take some words, print them out, cut them up into syllables, throw them into a hat or air and grab a few to mash into a name.If Brendan was around it would be a guaranteed a good time. (Click to view)Angela Lee Ford Branam, born 12 August 1975, died 24 September 2017 in Spanish Fork, Utah Our Remembrance Angie was a beautiful and loving person. You will be missed, we will always miss your beautiful smile and laugh.(Click to view)Leslie Brook, born 25 December 1956, died in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Our Remembrance Leslie Norman Brook left his two sons, his wife and new puppy too soon, he will be dearly missed by all of us. 1-1-94 8020-09 (Click to view)Robert Porter, born , died 07 June 2003 in Havant, England Our Remembrance In loving memory of Robert John Porter (Bob). If only heaven had a stairway or a phone so I could call or visit. We missed the signs of depression and hope to help others not lose loved ones to this terrible disease. We miss you dustin (Click to view)Steven Lebeouf, born 27 February 1981, died 10 October 2010 in Massachusetts Our Remembrance Hoping you found the peace that you could not seem to find in this life.Unfortunately that has become nothing more than a painful memory. We miss you Dad.(Click to view)Misty Ann Mc Intosh, born 22 December 1981, died in San Antonio, Texas Our Remembrance You were standin\' way too close To see it all fall apart And there were things you couldn\'t hear \'Cause you were listenin\' with your heart” -- Garth Brooks (Click to view)Nicholas Lee Taylor, born 18 June 1993, died in Searcy, Arkansas Our Remembrance Nick was loved by all who he came in contact with, he was a crazy daring young man, there wasn\'t anything he would not try.(Click to view)William Bonty Emhoolah, born 08 November 1968, died 17 August 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma Our Remembrance To the best man, father, uncle , grandfather, brother and cousin I have ever known. A kind, caring man, who battled with depression for many years & suffered greatly. Forever loved(Click to view)Rhonda Nell Dickey Mason, born 01 September 1959, died 21 June 2014 in Fort Worth, Texas Our Remembrance I miss you more and more every day my sweet mama. If you think your loved one is acting the least bit different, please talk to them. (Click to view)Richard Glidden, born 30 April 1972, died 08 March 2009 in Coeur D`Alene, Idaho Our Remembrance From Richard's daughter, Jasmine, "Missing you like crazy is easy to say as everyone does. You are so very loved and missed - always and forever.You will always be in my heart until we meet again, my love.(Click to view)Clara Marie James Phoenix, born 29 October 1956, died 12 April 2009 in Macomb County, Michigan Our Remembrance Clara was my baby sister. I will regret that I wasn't there for her, forever. What a great reunion it will be to see your smiling face once more!She has two sons, and one grandson that she has never seen. But she is at peace now with our Mother and brother. We love you and miss you more than words can express.

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