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Now a memorable character (played by Phillipa Soo) in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway musical “Hamilton,” Elizabeth was far more than a bit player at the founding of American democracy.

After Alexander died in his famous duel, she founded and led New York City’s first orphanage, which is still in business.

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In an entertaining phone call, we both lamented the fact that Elizabeth “edited herself out of the story” in favor of her her husband’s legacy–and as a result, little remains of her own letters, diaries or inner thoughts.

I hope my story will introduce more readers to this powerful, inspirational lady.

Here’s the ad in question: Welcome to the miracle cream that fills craters the size of the Grand Canyon and takes 40 years off of your face. I highly doubt that this “Dermitage” company cares about its integrity and its reputation (it’s pretty clear that when you advertise like this, you likely don’t), but shouldn’t MSNBC, as a place that should care about news and facts, have a better “false advertising” policy?

My absolute favorite part is how the application of this cream changes the color of your hair from “old person” gray to “hot blonde.” Truly amazing.

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