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Along with a declaration date, the board also announces a date of record and a payment date.

The date of record marks when stockholders are entitled to the dividend payment.

A company can sometimes declare dividends on a specific class of shares and can pay preferred shareholders or both preferred and common shareholders.

Keep in mind that a company is not obligated by law to pay out dividends until it has made a formal declaration.

The payment date is when shareholders actually receive their dividend.

As a general rule, most dividends are paid on a quarterly basis, although some companies pay dividends annually.

A company can issue dividends in the form of inventory or other physical holdings.

If you receive dividends from holding stock in a company, keep in mind that as an investor, you’ll face tax implications. This means you’ll have to pay taxes on your dividend yield based on your tax bracket.Once you have a good basic understanding of these, you can take advantage of the many benefits that cash dividends, property dividends, stock dividends, liquidating dividends or a mix of these can have to jazz up your portfolio.Dividends entitle you, the shareholder, to a portion of the net profits made by a company.A stock will usually begin trading ex-dividend or ex-rights the fourth business day before the payment date.This means only the owners of the shares on or before that date will receive the dividend.

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