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As for key management, this isn't like PGP mail.Each device generates its own keys, and the private key never, ever, leaves the device. Whats App and others offer Forward Secrecy, which promises that if someone steals your device and extracts your private key from it, they can't decode previously recorded conversations.If your biggest fear is hiding you're talking to, none of the apps mentioned on this page are safe unless you're coming in over Tor, with no info connected to your real identity, in a library or cafe, and wearing a disguise. Play with it, please, and let us know what features you want added.Use your Xbox 360 headset or Kinect sensor to chat with your friends through the Xbox 360 console, either as a party or in private conversations.This is way different from other chats, so let's dig in.

Check for service alerts at Xbox Live Status or see if there's an Xbox Live service alert at the top of this page.

More advanced blocking / reporting / nuking features will be available in an upcoming release. Like with most chat apps, the Keybase servers will see who you're looking up.

For a given message, Keybase servers know who sent it, approximate size, who the recipients are, and an ID for the channel.

But that would be publicly discoverable because of the new device name announced in your signature chain.

If you lose all of your devices and paper keys, you will lose your data. So it's extra important to make sure you have at least 2 devices or paper keys.

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