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Senior dating sites make it easy to ‘meet’ people online while maintaining a certain degree of privacy. However, online dating might be a new experience, especially for the over 50 crowd.

We carefully selected a handful of online dating sites from the pool of seemingly endless online dating platforms to chose 10 that were most ideal for seniors and first time online daters.

Dating sites are the perfect environment for catfishing.

Be careful not to give too much identifiable information away because that information can be used to locate and stalk you.

Witlee Ethan is a speaker, advocate, blogger, and warrior in the fight against violence and injustice.

Through my own experiences I’ve found that the selection of men is slim pickings mostly in part to how prevalent the “creepers” are on these sites.

There are dangers on dating sites that you should consider before opening an account, and here are my top five.

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