College dating advice for men

I finally want someone to be excited to tell me about their day and life. I want someone who thinks I'm genuinely funny and vice versa.

So, when you're tired of online dating, where do you meet people? Remember our rules, be sure to include ages and genders if you need help with a specific situation. I only seem to get over a girl by the time I meet a new one, and fall in love again. I wasn't or am not "looking" for a relationship desperately but now I just feel like I really want to be with someone. I'm not unattractive or anything, because I do receive a lot of attention from men (and hookups are easy). Approaches me again, and this time, asked for my number and I felt super cornered and nervous and just gave it to him.Report any rule violations using the report button. I recently met a girl I really like, and we really hit it off the first time we saw each other, but this seems to be heading into a friendship, which I'd like to think I wouldn't mind at all because she's just great and super nice, but I fear getting depressed again in the near future. Idk if it's because I'm the only child or don't have a lot of close friends in the city. Initially, I did have my walls up and just wanted to have fun but I believe I'm a little grown up now and atleast want to date a guy and not just keep going on some random dates. So then he texts me basically saying he is super lonely and not attractive and really just wants a nice girl to go on dates and to go places with him.Edit: thanks a lot for all your comments my dudes, it means a lot. I agree that “what are we” being asked specifically can be super off-catching for some. ” And the other person freaks out or gets all whiny and says “You’re taking this too seriously. You’re weird for asking that blah blah blah” I think thats so immature. He said he won't ask for sex and I can bring my friend along but she'll pay for her own things wherever we go.I want to be able to talk about anything with someone for once. A few weeks back I stayed over my good friends house for the weekend ( Fri-Sun) it was a girl. It's not that I can't get matches, I just always end up talking to a girl who seems to have no interest in getting to know me, and I'm carrying the conversation. I have no cool/crazy stories and so my childhood is boring to talk about. I want to be able to tell her everything that excites me. ( She's taken and in a LDR ) it felt so amazing having someone to talk to for days.

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