Compare contrast online dating

Internet dating, although convenient and easy, has both good and bad sides.

Traditionally, when a person met somebody and a date was established, they already knew they were somewhat interested in that other person based on interests or appearances.

In the history of traditional dating, a person usually knows who they are going out on a date with.

They had already met the person and established that they have some common interests or at least that they are attracted to each other.

Nowadays, people use the Internet to meet new friends and keep up our existing relationships through instant messaging, blogging, e-mail, social networking sites, and chatrooms, to name a few.

Also, a person can type whatever they want on their profile.

Through personal stories from friends, in magazines, newspapers, and online, it has been learned that these Internet dating profiles can, at times, be deceiving.

A person’s picture can be one that was taken years earlier when, perhaps, the person was younger, thinner, had more hair, etc.

This gives a person as much time as they want to figure out if they are even interested in the other person, without putting to much pressure on either party.

Unfortunately, this also makes Internet dating somewhat impersonal and it takes a lot of the nervousness and fun out of the beginning of relationships.

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