Consolidating credit card debt with student loans

We’ll also walk you through the options to consolidate loans and direct you to the many educational resources available through ACCC, such as a debt consolidation calculator and information on how to create a budget to gain control of your finances and start your journey towards a debt-free future.Depending on your financial situation, our credit counselors may recommend a debt management plan as an alternative to consolidating loans.An average credit score (660-720) will yield a 9%-11% interest rate, while a poor score (under 600) will generally get you a 17%-25% interest rate.Again, the best consolidation loan won’t be the first loan offer you might receive.Available six days each week via phone, and in person, our highly trained credit counselors provide free credit counseling and can help you identify all of the options you have for eliminating your debts.When you’re thinking about consolidating loans, our counselors will take stock of your financial situation and your financial goals, and help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various consolidation loans.The average credit card debt for households that carry such debt was ,333, according to Value Penguin.It doesn’t take a mathematician to see how debt relief. News & World Report surveyed 1,001 people who took out debt consolidation loans.

What’s more, 68% said they changed their spending habits for the better.Learn more about options for consolidating loans and, and about the pros and cons of debt consolidation for credit card balances with credit card consolidation loans.Millions of Americans think they need a magician to get them out of credit card debt.The surefire way to get a low interest rate is to have a good credit score. Anything above 700 is quite good, while anything below 600 is drifting into poor to bad territory.A low score doesn’t mean lending institutions will bar you at the door.

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