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Additionally you need to be current on your payments.If your loan payments are in default, you will be required to make at least 3 consecutive monthly payments before you can apply for the Federal student loan debt consolidation loan.If you take out a different loan each year of college, maybe a couple summer sessions - you could have a variety of loans at different places.In such instances, it may be worth it to consider a student loan debt consolidation loan (a mouthful isn’t it?This could also mean you won't qualify for student loan forgiveness programs such as PSLF. Consolidating your student loans could end up costing you more over the life of the loan if you forget a couple of things.

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If you switch to any other repayment plan, you will end up paying more over the life of the loan.

For example, if you were saving 0.25% for using Direct Debit, you would need to re-setup that plan to save again.

These small factors are what people forget when consolidating their student loans, and it could end up costing them more.

Student loan consolidation is different from student loan refinancing, but many people use the terms interchangeably.

Student Loan Consolidation: This is a free program to combine your Federal student loans into a new Federal student loan.

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