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Identify the plan/institution that suits your goals and investment philosophy (pay attention to fees, performance, and customer service). Alternatively, you can take the self directed approach and create your own Self Directed IRA (contact OTA Tax Pros for more information). Start rolling your accounts to your institution of choice or to your Self Directed IRA. Start with the small accounts first, then rollover the non-performing accounts or the accounts with higher fees until all accounts have been rolled over. Allocate your funds based on the goals and investment strategy as you laid out earlier. A Rollover IRA has almost unlimited investment choices.On the other hand, a 401k plan has limited options, most have between 5 to 25 investment choices.Traditionally when you hold securities in your name, you have to keep them in a safe place and mail or hand deliver them to your broker whenever you want to sell them.

You can also call us at 800-992-8327 to request this form.For example, someone may open a Fidelity IRA one year and a Merrill Lynch the next, just to invest in a mutual fund available through that particular family of funds.It is also very common for an individual to allow his or her retirement funds to remain in the employer plan, such as a 401(k), 403(b), or the pension plan, after he or she leaves the company.Check with the company currently holding your account to find out if it has any transfer fees or requirements.When you transfer "in kind," you simply move your investments to us "as is." There's no selling or buying involved and no tax consequences either.

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