Creationist view of radiometric dating

Mutations also play a part in this variation, but only to the extent of destroying genetic information, not creating it.

Many of the ensuing variations have been classified by science as different species, but this speciation is not evolution, as it does not involve the generation of new genetic information and therefore could not have produced the evolutionary "family tree".

Historical-grammatical exegesis involves a systematic approach to analyzing in detail the historical situation, events and circumstances surrounding the text, and the semantics and syntactical relationships of the words which comprise the text.

For more than a century, the majority of conservative Old Testament scholars no longer accepted the chronological implications of the Genesis "chrono-genealogies" following the accommodation of the old Princeton Theology (“Primeval Chronology,” Bibliotheca Sacra 47 (1890): 285-303). Walt Brown provides numerous citations to the secular science literature that corroborate the failings of current old universe paradigm explanations in regards to the planets, stars, and galaxies.

Scientists who advocate an old earth regard young earth creationism as being unscientific.

According to young-Earth creationists, God separately created each kind of living thing, or baramin, to reproduce "after its kind".

According to many Young earth creationists, there were probably fewer oceans with much more land on the earth prior to the flood.

It is believed that the worldwide water quantity increased after the flood.

YECs believe that most rocks were laid down in two main episodes.

The first was during the creation week, particularly when God caused the waters of the Earth to gather together into the sea and dry land to appear. The effects of a global watery catastrophe would have been enormous, which would form massive amounts of erosion and sedimentation during a short period of time.

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