Dating a farmer in ireland

And let’s be honest, if this were the case, they’re probably not pleasant to be around, anyways.There is nothing worse than saying, “I don’t know where that is,” or asking for directions to a field while they are multi-tasking in the tractor or combine.The three women set up the page as a bit of fun, after being shocked by some of the misconceptions about farms held by people from cities.Carol spoke to the Irish Examiner about the page: “I actually convinced a Dublin girl that there was no electricity in my house and we had to milk the cow every morning to have milk for breakfast cereal.” However, Carol admitted that she wouldn’t personally want to marry a farmer because they work too hard, but Rachel is “only dying to catch one”.

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Their page is packed with comical pictures and comments, showing the lighter side of farming life.Since then, the Farmer Wants a Wife has grown to become a global phenomenon.Our TV shows air in more than 20 countries, helping to find life partners for people across the world from Continental Europe to Australia.They have waited all summer to see how their hard work has paid off. They need your support, whether it’s visiting them in the field or making a quick “on the go” meal.Lend a hand when you can and let them know you’re proud of the work they do (while secretly counting down the days until it’s over).

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