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Please take a few minutes to watch Ernestine Shepherd’s story. Not everyone is going to react to this story the same way. Margaret is passionate about building dynamic and engaged communities that improve lives and change perceptions.

What thoughts came into your head as you watched the video? What stories like this one remind us is that heroes are not born – they are made.

(Kinda funny that we named our version of the pivot after models when we look nothing like the girls on the runway.) I went pro in my third year of competing, and it felt like proof that I can do anything I believe to be true in the world.

Beyond the blinged-out bikinis, lucite stripper heels, and self-tanner, female bodybuilders are an example of the power of the human body—and real girl power.

If you want to meet and date single female bodybuilders, hot muscular women, or other athletic women then there are some great websites for you.

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She taught me to drop the five-pound dumbbells and pick up heavier ones.

(Just a tad ambitious.) I found a trainer whose body I wanted: She was shaped just like an "x", with sexy, curvy legs, a tiny waist, strong shoulders, and defined arms.

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As my colleagues in the International Federation of Body Building & Fitness pro league sometimes say, "I don't sweat; I sparkle." I love manicures and makeup, but there's a decent chance I'd be able to beat your boyfriend in an arm wrestling match. l was your standard cardio-crazed calorie counter—torturing myself on the elliptical and eating a rocky diet of bagels for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and carrots for dinner.If there is a “book on aging,” I can guarantee that no-one ever showed it to her.Or, if they did, she probably tore it into pieces and threw it in the fire! I'm tired of skinny (probably hungry) girls being used to define femininity. But the real reason I'm a bodybuilder today is frustration. I started lifting heavy-ass weights four years ago, in part so I could carry all of my groceries up the stairs of my walk-up apartment in New York.

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