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Seeing everyone jamming to this music at weddings, birthday celebrations or in their dorm rooms really made me feel like Ghanaians must have been born dancing straight out of the womb.I was very impressed by how forward yet respectful many Ghanaian men were in their approaches.I became entranced by the fluidity that the locals possess in their dance moves and I soon learned about azonto, alkayida, and hiplife (you can’t say hiplife without mentioning the Godfather, Reggie Rockstone).

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It was refreshing considering that we now live in the era of “Netflix and chill” and I came to realize that I preferred this more traditional way of dating.From sex to relationships to music to whatever I'm feeling at that given moment. On Saturdays you can find me talking with your favorite African celebrities, discussing juicy topics and playing the hottest tracks on My mother always said if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. At first, we began seeing more of each other socially.Usually it was a friendly encounter in the hallways, at a soccer match or out and about in town.

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    Macy have not been living “separate lives” in the wake of the college admissions cheating scandal, despite a false report. The spouses of more than 20 years aren’t headed for a divorce.

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    Sometimes, I can't believe how long I've been camming.

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    The danger with this is the recipient now has that video saved on their phone, which means they can send it to other people who were not intended to receive it.

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    What if you could -- without stress -- go out and meet singles and actually enjoy your conversation?