Dating a man with fear of commitment

If you’ve been dating more than a month or two and he’s not doing any of that, there’s a good chance it’s because he doesn’t see a future with you.

Sure, maybe he’s slow to fall in love, but you have to realize that you may be the only one making plans in your head about the two of you down the road.

What does he do or say when you bring up the future?

If you were to try to make plans in a month or two, would he agree or come up with an excuse about why he can’t do it?

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This tends to be their #1 frustration with the 21st-century dating scene. via GIPHY So now that you know a few of the reasons you might keep attracting men with commitment issues, let’s assess whether the guy you’re with is afraid to commit to you. I encourage women to ask a man they’re dating pretty early on whether he’s ever been married or had a long relationship. If his longest relationship was three months, you’ve got to wonder why.Ask yourself: has this guy ever made plans more than a week or two out?Does he talk about the far-off future, like when you’re married or when you have kids together?But he should have at least a reasonable relationship history that shows you that he’s able to commit to a woman.Again, another obvious sign of commitment-phobic men: they tell you they don’t want to commit!

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