Dating america american men

Put another way: Beauty is in the eye—or the ear, as the case may be—of the beholder.

While living in China, Morris, who is American, met, dated, and eventually married a Chinese man.However, she recommends reading up on your destination’s culture plenty before you approach a handsome stranger. “Check out different travel sites and blogs to get an idea of the culture prior to your trip.” Understanding the culture before pursuing a romantic partner does more than just protect you from an embarrassing faux pas.It can also protect you from misinterpreting a common greeting as an opening salvo in your next great love affair.If a Jewish and Christian person are dating, what holiday do they celebrate: Hanukkah or Christmas? ” These sorts of obvious differences are easy to anticipate, allowing couples to talk about them and come to a mutually-agreeable solution before they become serious problems.Other cultural differences, however, aren’t always so easy to spot—humor, for instance, says Morris.

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