Dating at the gym bay area dating

While you shouldn’t have too much skin showing at the gym, you should try to look attractive if you want to catch a guy’s eye.

You can certainly do this while leaving the majority of your body to the imagination.

[Read: 13 charming ways to be more approachable to guys] #5 Don’t stare at him the entire time.

Would you like it if a guy’s eyes were boring holes into the back of your head as you did squats, curls, and lunges?

When you’re conscious of the fact that you’re gaping at an especially fine member of the male gender, force yourself to turn your eyes away and find a distraction.

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Smile a bit when you do so, and then when you pass him by on the way to another station, flash him a smile again.

After a few smiles, make some small talk if you come upon him while you’re both taking a breather.

If he’s a friendly guy, you’ll at least become gym buddies, and that may lead to something more.

But you shouldn’t show any more skin than you need to at the gym.

Few things look tackier than a supposedly athletic girl strutting around with her cleavage literally thrusting out of her yoga tank or wearing a sports bra that barely covers more skin than a string bikini.

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