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In fact, she was right about to delete the app when she found her love.Finding love on Tinder also came as a big surprise to Audra, who says she found her partner of eight months while she was bored and swiping through because she was jet-lagged from a trip.Every once in a while, I find myself thinking that online dating is a good idea.“It’s better than nothing,” I say to myself, or, “It’s not like I’m going on Tinder, I’ll try this great new app.”So I join a site and spend hours setting everything up and talking to guys. I spend hours picking the best pictures and crafting a smart, funny bio. I smile when I get a notification from someone who likes my profile or wants to chat. You don’t have the compatibility to date these 100 people. If you fall into one of these categories, it won’t much matter if you find yourself without intimate connections on these sites.I’m sitting there, refreshing the page every few minutes. You probably don’t even have the compatibility to date one of them. But if you are looking for a genuine connection and a long term relationship, online dating, despite its convenience, despite the fact that it AN IMPORTANT CAVEAT TO THIS PIECE: Not all dating apps are created equal, and not all online dating experiences are the same.Life can be happy & you can meet the perfect one for you, I have.likely to find a serious relationship on Tinder than through offline dating. Tinder’s recently released data busts some dating myths and shows that there are tons of upsides to dating online, including the fact that you’re actually more likely to find love through your screen than IRL.

We spoke to two women who found themselves in long-term relationships after swiping right a few years ago on Tinder.This number drops to less than half (49 percent) for those who date offline.The data also reveals that fidelity is really important to both online and offline daters, but slightly moreso for the online crowd.There’s a common perception that committed dating has been killed off by apps like Tinder, but the opposite appears to be true.In their national survey of daters between 18 and 35 years of age, Tinder researchers found that nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of online daters have been in at least one committed relationship.

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