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“This article puts to rest an anomalous occurrence of late Neandertals in this region, and allows us to move on from it.” In the late 1990s, researchers dated the Neandertal remains from the cave, which included fragments of skulls, thighs, and other assorted bones, using radiocarbon dating, which measures an isotope known as carbon-14 that decays over time at a fixed rate.

By seeing how much carbon-14 is left, scientists can get a roughly accurate idea of when the Neandertal lived.

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If I met them IRL, knowing they live 40 miles away and try to date like normal.Geoffrey Clark, an anthropologist at Arizona State University in Tempe, says the new technique is a big improvement over standard bone collagen dating, and he is looking forward to seeing it applied to previously dated Neandertal remains from other sites."Whether they will get the same results isn’t known yet, but it looks promising," he says.Archaeologist João Zilhão of the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, who wasn’t involved in the study, said testing a specific amino acid is a good way to avoid contamination issues when radiocarbon dating a bone sample.But he adds that the technique will have to be replicated by other laboratories before he’s confident the results are reliable.

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