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Modern infectious disease epidemiology-concepts, methods, mathematical models, and public health (Online excl. In addition, we have carried out and the cluster-level analyses. Principles and practice of clinical virology (6th ed.). In both control and intervention clusters in General, we had more volunteers for the study, as we were able to count, so that it was not possible to count how many people were in the selection due to the allocation in contrast to the other reasons, including the restriction of recruitment to a maximum of 40 per cluster.Since the probability of these events could be done later, with more time between the interviews, we have the time between interviews as a covariate.Group could have discussions, inadvertently encouraged transactional sex, and reflected from it, at least frequently, if not standard, and an effective way to acquire the desired item. In General, the employees are visited and made a short presentation and then took questions from the community, including from parents of potential participants. To show 4 The failure of a biological effect, it is particularly important weakness, there are known limitations to the validity of self-reported change in sexual behavior with a potential for interventions for reporting bias in the direction of socially desirable behaviours, and because an effect on sexually transmitted infections is the ultimate goal of these interventions.

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