Dating magazines for adult black women feel black men dating white women

Speaking of other women’s fitness magazines, here’s how I feel about them: is okay, but there’s way too much self-help crap in there, pages upon pages of babble about how to be happier in 8 steps or something or sleep stress-free in five minutes a night.

The recent “Earth Issue” offered 51 Ways to Go Green Without Growing Broke, a feature on “how ladies are leading the eco-revolution” and “Urban Farming Made Easy.” Its “BUST DIY Guide to Life” and “BUST Guide to the New Girl Order” stand proudly on my bookshelf. — BUST consistently includes not-skinny models in its palatable fashion spreads.

Its smartly-toned features are often topical and relatable and its fitness and nutrition advice occasionally more fresh and relevant than its newsstand buddies.

Although it’s not readily apparent from studying cover archives; unlike usually manages to find new stories to tackle.

cover star is a queer lady and more often than not, the cover is plastered with photos of people like you and me: like the adorable lesbians of the annual Captivating Couples feature and the yearly “Red Hot Entrepreneurs” making an impact in the lesbian community.

It’s at once glossy and local, with heaps of travel stuff and a serious repository of event photographs.

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