Dating paiste cymbals

These series are as much celebrated cymbal sounds and icons of music culture, as they are an ongoing quest: the repeated effort to find new sound qualities in a pioneering bronze alloy and the relentless pursuit of cymbal sounds to match trends in music.

The beginnings of the 2002 and its predecessor Giant Beat are intimately related to the early period of Rock music. Up to the 1950s, PAISTE mainly uses Nickel-silver for cymbals.

Their greatly reduced volume is perfect for any time you need quiet cymbals.

At the same time, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and AC/DC take Rock to new levels of energy and create Hard Rock.

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Drummers like John Bonham, with his thunderous power and groundbreaking style, or Carl Palmer with his dazzling speed and drumming technique, and Ian Paice with his crisp, tight, and powerful playing style are inspired by and bring out the best in 2002 cymbals.

Throughout the 1970s, Rock’s popularity explodes, draws ever larger crowds, and embraces the diversity created through the 1960s.

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