Dating prs se guitars

With a whole new delicious batch of PRS SE guitars heading our way, we thought we would take the time to answer some of the biggest questions we usually get regarding these instruments and share our opinion on what we think are the top 10 PRS SE Guitars available right now.

If you’re new to PRS guitars, feel free to jump on over to our brand page where we have a full history of the master luthier including his humble career beginnings to highly influential endorsers.

Stevensville, MD (May 13, 2015) -- PRS Guitars is proud to officially announce four SE Standard models, bringing the brand’s guitars to an exciting new price range.

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“The SE Series started with Carlos [Santana] and the desire to make PRS guitars available to a larger number of players.

New electrics include a revamped “Paul’s Guitar," the CE 24 Semi-Hollow and a new SE Custom 24.

A number of new acoustic models have been announced as well.

"With these new pickups, I can move from a strong bridge pickup to a very clear, “whoopy” neck pickup – you can hear every note – by just setting the mini-toggles and using the 3-way as normal. This guitar has clear, spanky single coils when you split the pickups but a very full soapbar quality when they are in humbucking mode.

It’s just beautiful.”PRS CE 24 Semi-Hollow The original CE was introduced in 1988, offering players traditional PRS design and features with a bolt-on neck.

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