Dating revere ware pots

Mc Creery’s initiative (although an embarrassing failure) was respected – he remained at Revere for the rest of his life, eventually becoming Vice President of Manufacturing at the Revere’s Riverside plant in 1952.The chrome failure resulted in new management being sent to the Rome plant, with the directive to “Make something useful! Starting from a clean slate, priority was given to changes that would be of genuine benefit to the user, rather than merely cosmetic.The 1928 merger of five northeastern copper manufacturers including Taunton-New Bedford (with Revere & Son); and Rome Brass & Copper took the name Revere Copper and Brass Corporation, at the time, the largest copper manufacturer in the US.Most of its copper production was sold to the Architectural (metal roofs & gutters), Industrial (refrigeration systems, boilers, cooling water condensers), and Electrical (motors and switches) markets.Revere Ware was not a without it’s problems – The Bakelite handles quickly showed themselves as a weak point – they cracked and fell apart due to excessive flexing of the metal spine and overly brittle Bakelite castings.The fix was delayed by WWII (preceeded by at least one attempt to modify the origninal design without fundamental changes, a final re-design was in production by 1947, with a heavy, stiff metal tang, thicker sidewall castings, and reinforced screw holes.The designs and tooling were sold soon afterwards and continued in production under other names (National Silver Co. Several of the designs (including the Fred Farr “Scroll Bookends”, the “Five O’clock Trays” of Norman Bel Geddes, and the William A.

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Revere combined them all in 1939 when it introduced Revere Ware at the Chicago houswares Exposition.During this period, the basic designs for the future coffee pot and tea-kettle lines were conceptualized.The Manufactured Products Division also produced a high quality line of Giftware products from 1935 until 1941.(A complete copy of the Patent & illustrations is available free of charge – e-mail [email protected] and request file Revere In 1946, the Revere Ware name was registered as a trademark, and the familiar circular logo started to appear on product.The “1801” notation on the mark referred to the year Paul Revere produced his first sheets of copper cladding in his original facility (not to the stainless alloy used (304) or the cookware model # (1400) ).

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