Dating scams turkey

BIG ticket items like precious stones, jewellery and gold.

This is a tricky one as the prices of genuine precious stones and gold in Turkey are so good it’s very tempting to purchase the rock she’s always wanted.

Worst case scenario (which happens btw), they ‘escort’ you to a nearby ATM where you withdraw all the cash in your account out for them and hand it over, damn.

And to make matters worse, the ‘contact’ details they gave you are also fake. Immediately go through the 7 stages of Istanbul scam reactions and get out the razor. Check your credit card balances regularly, like every few days!

2) Keep receipts for everything and go through them for errors.

Ok so usually it’s not ,000 bad (or I really hope not), yet the situation may very well arise as you travel the world that you do have the carpet (wool) pulled over your eyes by some smiling assassin who’s so apt at separating people from their money they make Wall-Street goons look like a bunch of Sunday financiers.

These frauds can be achieved in a multitude of different ways, this post is about the most common Istanbul scams and frauds specifically, with the follow-up post being about what to do when you realise you’ve been done over.

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