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It was time for me to start saying no to what didn’t serve me, and yes to self-love and respect. You have to find belief in that, though, first in order for it to come about.

There were countless times I stood in the mirror wiping my tears saying “What’s wrong with me?First, Arthur admits that his son is just 5’5’’ in height, claiming: “if you are 5’8’’ and like to wear high heels then it may not work”.There's no doubt that similar values are also important to the meddling dad, who insists: “You must be politically conservative…I want to help you feel ON FIRE with you who are and where you're headed. VIEW ALL POSTS I get really frustrated with articles like this.If I was truly able to have 10 things that I love about myself then I wouldn’t be in the situation of feeling unworthy of a relationship.

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