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(Other sizes are available, please inquire) Satin finish. Made in Williamsburg Virginia at Shirley Pewter, these heavy, spun pewter plates with turned edges are in very good condition; some are like new, a few have utensil marks from being lightly used, but all have been taken care of very well and retain their high polish. 5 ORIGINAL SPOON MOLD #1 Bronze mold for casting pewter spoons in the Hannover pattern. Original alignment pin is present and mold is in excellent condition with good fit between the mold halves.

American made pewter, from one of the best makers in the country at a fraction of the new, retail price. Mold measures 7 7/8 inches long and makes a spoon that is approx. Comes with spoon that was found in the mold, though it is probably a more recent casting.

The company gave the pottery its own backstamp to differentiate it from Wade England, whose mark was an owl on the back of a hand.

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During the 1950's, the factory produced die pressed ceramic insulators and the pottery was made to help repair England from the damage left after World War II.

They had slogans or names of interesting places (souvenirs) painted on the backs. The shamrock cottage series pieces were sold in different versions over the years with and without place names.

There was a pixie dish, a donkey and a cart posy bowl.

The most famous figurines were made by Wade Ulster including pixies, leprechauns and lucky fairy folk.

For thirty years Irish Wade made many different figurines like baby pixies and large leprechauns.

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