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Many people want them to commemorate their own service, or to remember a loved one who served in the military.

In the case of commemorative dog tags, the personal information just isn’t needed.

You could, of course, also add information such as the veteran’s rank, or theater of operations, battles, or engagements they participated in. If you are looking for a replacement set of dog tags, then consider doing something similar.

I’m sure this will be appreciated just as much, if not more, than the dog tags with the personal information, since dog tags without the personal info can be displayed publicly without fear of someone stealing their personal information.

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There is no need, and displaying your personal information is not only unnecessary but potentially harmful.Informal identification badges soon became popular, and soldiers used a variety of pins, tags, medallions, or other objects in which they engraved their names, hometown, battles they fought in, and other information.Dog tags weren’t standardized by the US Army until the early 1900’s when the War Department authorized identification tags in War Department General Order No. It was in WWI that soldiers were first issued two identification tags.This information is the most essential information needed on the battlefield. The information on dog tags should be protected because having the name and Social Security number is enough for many people to steal the servicemember’s identity.Note: as of early 2016, the Army is the only branch that has gone away from the Social Security Number on dog tags. Identity theft is a big problem, not just for servicemembers, but for everyone.

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