Dating weatherby vanguard

The problem is that their first attempt sucked (relative to what they were capable of doing — I still gave it four stars).

Enter the Series 2, the next incarnation of the Vanguard that supposedly fixes all the problems. There were three main problems with the original Vanguard rifle: the trigger was creepier than Uncle Joey, the stock looked and felt like it was designed by Kia (i.e.

All in all, what we have here is a definite improvement over the original Vanguard.

With a better trigger, a better stock and guaranteed accuracy out of the box, this really does make it THE rifle for the shooter on a budget.

It looks nicer, feels better, and doesn’t warp as much. One of the main complaints I had with the stock on the original version was that it wasn’t “free floating.” That is, the stock contacted the barrel.

This becomes a problem when you’re trying to make precision shots, as it usually has an adverse effect on the barrel harmonics and can apply pressure on the barrel moving it slightly off center. The Series 2 fixed a number of issues with the stock, but it still isn’t free floating.

Their regular line could do the job as well but thanks to the remarkably crappy stocks, they didn’t guarantee it.

This rifle also falls into line with another pet peeve among the writers here.

The comb of the stock appears to be designed to line your eyes up with the top of the barrel, but the observant reader will note that there are no iron sights.

The new Vanguard Series 2 rifles, on the other hand, are all guaranteed to be 1 Mo A or better out of the box. I was able to score two rounds touching, then one low but still within an inch before the rounds started drifting.

Sorry about the crappy picture — when the range time is free you don’t complain about the inability to retrieve your targets.

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