Dating while brown

But don't give up yet, Tyler and Hannah stans — Tyler Cameron's quote about Hannah Brown after dating Gigi Hadid makes me believe that these two still have a chance of working things out. He got his heart broken by Brown on a reality TV show, which is, you know, not great.

I was almost surprised that he was so willing to go on a date with Brown after her engagement to Wyatt was called off — but believe me, I was all for it.

wrapped up with a few developments that the franchise’s more plugged-in viewers likely saw coming: Hannah chose Jed, who proposed with an acoustic ditty and a lot of indiscriminate crooning. Soon after their engagement, Hannah found out about Haley Stevens, a country artist who claims Jed ghosted her after months of dating so that he could go on the show.

As Hannah later revealed, she and Jed have since broken up.

So as it turns out, the only love triangle more bizarre than the one between Hannah Brown, Jed Wyatt, and Haley Stevens is the love triangle that's currently playing out between Hannah Brown, Tyler Cameron, and Gigi Hadid — like, what?

As I'm sure you've heard, just two days after his drinks date with Brown (which seems to have gone pretty well, considering he spent the night), Cameron was spotted on a date with Hadid.

So when her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, took the stage, the room quickly transitioned into what can only be described as “Peak ‘Now Kiss!

’ Energy.” In the end, Hannah and Tyler got the conclusion every couple deserves: They decided to date outside the confines of a reality show and see what happens.

I would never press you or pressure you at all; I want you to be 100% comfortable and confident in whatever we do together.” Across the entire season, Tyler was consistently one of Hannah’s most emotionally intelligent options—a quality that doesn’t always get rewarded in this franchise, but was a joy to see emerge victorious.

"Tyler and Gigi actually have a few mutual friends in the modeling industry, but met on Instagram," the source explained.

"She knew of him before he got any wind of fame from Gigi is definitely interested in Tyler." Keep in mind that Cameron is managed by both Next Model Management and Soul Artist MGMT, and he is also represented by Innovative Artists, which means he's actually legit — and this all happened before .

“Tyler had strong feelings for Hannah and wants to make it work," the source claimed. But playing "hard to get" doesn't really seem like Cameron's style to me, since he never held back when expressing his feelings to Brown before.

Remember though, it wasn't just one date that Cameron went on with Hadid — it was two!

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