Every day, more and more people are using Social Networking sites as a means of meeting new people to date.

Utilizing these sites is free, and provides a more natural way of meeting people than traditional dating sites of the past.

Dating DNA users may set criteria in dozens of categories, including race, age, education, physical attributes, religion, financial stability, and many more.


Run by volunteers, the Dating DNA website and i Phone app are 100% free of cost and contain no advertising.No fees are charged to users, nor does the app or website have any embedded advertising.Some of the new features in Dating DNA Plus include: The Dating DNA i Phone app is available immediately for free download from Apple's i Tunes App Store (Users also set a "Compatibility Threshold," which specifies the compatibility level required to be considered a "Match." To protect a user's privacy, they remain "invisible" to other's Match Radar unless that user meets their Compatibility Threshold.When users are notified of a Match, both users may choose to communicate via Dating DNA's built-in messaging system, further protecting their privacy by not requiring users to share names, phone numbers or email addresses.

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