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Summary: Part I of The Education of Dawn Summers - Dawn leaves Cleveland to go to university abroad. Disclaimer: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds, House, Men in Black, and all other mentioned televisions shows, movies, books, and miscellanea are property of their creators, producers, and distribution companies. This is purely a work for my own and others' pleasure, and no profit will be made. They lapsed into a discussion of post-procedure care. I was, in my version of the Scoobies, the magical mover and shaker.

You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first. Then, some Men in Black, an overdue library book in Oxford, and a five hundred year old plague.

Besides,” and here he glanced back down at his patient. The passenger door opened, and Jenny leaned in.“Come on, Dawnie,” she encouraged her.

Sleepy and not quite able to coordinate movements, Dawn did manage to undo her seatbelt. ”“Go figure,” Jenny said, shrugging a little.“What else? “In that world – and I don't know why, except I think Giles' death skewed things in a way that didn't happen here – instead of being Buffy's sister, you were my daughter.”Dawn didn't gasp, but her eyes widened.“Buffy .

The lights were low, and the curtains pulled, making it pleasantly dark. But, scrubbing narwhal pee out of the carpet and telling Genghis Khan's decapitated body to stop walking into the davenport was one thing. “Wake up, Dawnie.”A voice pulled her out of a Stygian undertow, and she grabbed on to it and held tight while awareness flooded in.

It was followed by pain and misery.“Og.”“I know, hon,” Jenny murmured.

” K asked her.“Oh, fine,” Dawn answered, looking in her bag for her medication. You know how it goes.”“Smallpox doesn't exist anymore,” K said, pointing at her bandaged arm. On this world.”Dawn looked up at him.“I knew some people who went to QFU,” he said. One of them didn't talk about it unless she was drunk. The first leg of her flight was to London Heathrow, and she had two weeks before she had to report at QFU, so she'd decided on doing some touristy stuff. It lasted all the way up until the attendant shushed them for flight instructions.

Jenny handed K his sunglasses.“No flashy-thinging us,” she admonished him.“Wouldn't think of it,” he answered, tucking the sunglasses into the same pocket as his neuralizer.“Can we get food? “We need to start weening you off.”“Everything okay, young lady? You should consider the same possibility when it comes to demons and vampires.”“You know, that very wise man died in that play. Once I find out where Buffy Summers lives, I'm sending her a Hallmark card and a fruit basket.”Which shut J's mouth, because K had yet to buy anything that didn't directly contribute to his own survival or consist of a recording of country music.“Besides,” K continued. Otherwise, I can't get my deposit returned.”J stayed quiet for a moment, thinking before he spoke up.“Don't get a fruit basket, man. “Get her one of those Harry and David monthly fruit things. Fidgeting with nervousness, Dawn waited at the gate for the boarding call. ”His eyes widened with delight at her question, and he thought about it for several moments before giving a definitive, detailed answer.

But QFU had popped up during a session of Wikipedia link chasing, and . Her seat was on the aisle, darn it, but it was wide, upholstered in leather, and as soon as she sat down, the attendant had a hot towel for her and asked her what she wanted to drink.“Uh . Then he noticed she was sitting nearly on the edge of her seat, hands clasped, and looking out the window.“Would you like to swap seats? She held a cup up to Dawn's lips and waited while Dawn managed to bring her head forward enough to sip. “Welcome to the world of recovery and side effects.”The cup had fruit punch mixed with water – just enough to make it taste like something and cut through the gack in her mouth.“Ow,” she managed.“Happy pill,” Jenny said, holding up a tablet. After a moment's relaxation, she glanced around the room. She had a suitcase and backpack to live out of and a plan to ship any purchases ahead of her. Didn't Son of Sam think his dog was giving him orders from God? ”“Actually, I'm a special agent in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit,” he said.“No way! All stories posted remain the property of their respective authors; permission from the author is required to publish them elsewhere. Most of her baggage had been shipped and would be waiting for her in Strelsau. “Religious iconography and delusional serial and/or spree killers.”“You know, I never thought about it,” she said, “but you could probably give a pretty long talk on that subject. Site code originally based on Storyline ©IO Designs 2002.

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