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She has to look towards her future and her boyfriend Rob Traegler must help her do it. He has worked in both movies and TV shows and been active in the field since 2005.He is known for getting his first break working for the ‘The Dr.So looking at all the necessary work she has done in her TV career as well as her private business, she must have an impressive net worth and salary.Working as a Medium for paranormal studies and as a cast member of a famous tv show, her net worth is admirable.

Amy Allen likes to be very secretive when it comes to her personal life, and things like information about one’s husband and boyfriend are indeed private.

Well look at the facts, the only thing he is suppose to do is research on Dark-kun.

For most guys finding out that your partner can speak to the dead may be a turnoff but not for whoever is dating or married to paranormal experts like Amy Allen.

It seems to be a sort of brotherly love or the feeling that Daisuke is a really good friend.

But, the thing to remember is that Satoshi does not want anyone that close and the Brotherly love thing between them…

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